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Aya Creuset [userpic]

I UL this...i hope that u like it! ^^U
Malice Mizer - Aegen.MP3
Malice Mizer - Aikai.mp3
Malice Mizer - Au Revoir.MP3
Malice Mizer - Baroque.MP3
Malice Mizer - Beast Of Blood.MP3
Malice Mizer - Bel Air.MP3
Malice Mizer - Bois De Merveilles.MP3
Malice Mizer - Brise.MP3
Malice Mizer - Claire.MP3
Malice Mizer - Color Me Blood Red.MP3
Ah! and i forgot this song...
Luna Sea - I For You
xposted aya_chan_koyasu
---Aya-Chan Koyasu Fujimiya---
~~~Takehito Koyasu No Koibito~~~

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Not taking anything...just want to say "OMG ZAZEL!" XDD! I LOVE Koyasu Takehito. ^o^ >>; Yeah.

XD lol
yes he is really-....ammm...how i can say XD? im in love *¬*
i love take-sama since 1990 XD
kisses...take care!
---Aya-Chan Koyasu Fujimiya---
~~~Takehito Koyasu No Koibito~~~

O_O...taken a few! :D

Took a few, thanks ^_^

hehehehe XD thanks!
*paste the sticker in her computer XD*
---Aya-Chan Koyasu Fujimiya---
~~~Takehito Koyasu No Koibito~~~

took some thanks =)

Took some Malice Mizer. Thanks.

took some of the malize mizer songs. thanks!

aaah! <3
took them all!!!
ecxept au revoir which i happened to get yesterday ^^)
thank you so much!!!

Took Aegen and might take the Luna Sea track later. May I ask what Aikai is from? Because I got it a while back (my version is only 1:30 long, so I don't know if it was incomplete or not) and it's baffled me ever since. It's not on Bara no Seidou, so I'm guessing it's off a single from that era??

Thanks for sharing ^^

I'm assuming it's from the movie or the begining/end of a concert or something. It's just a short reworking of "Sakai no Chi to Bara". I can't say exactly as I haven't heard it before. However, that seems to be the best bet as the singles didn't have anything except the song and the instrumental.

And took "Aikai". Thanks.

Hm...that's probably what it is. Thank you ^^

Stealing a few...danke ^_^

Took "Aikai" ^________^ Thank you very much for uploading!

I love you!

mmm the links r expired...do u use msn messenger or yahoo messenger?
if u do btw i can send them by there ^^
btw kisses and thanks!
---Aya-Chan Koyasu Fujimiya---
~~~Takehito Koyasu No Koibito~~~