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INFO: Welcome to jrock_mp3s, a community dedicated to helping you find what you need. :D This community is for the sharing and downloading of mp3s and PVs of J-ROCK ONLY. Please come to the community wanting to try out new music, not wanting to get all the music you can without paying for anything-- we prefer that you delete or buy CDs after downloading them, though we realize the likelihood of that happening is not high.

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MODS: assumed & eucalyptic
1) The entire community is MEMBERS ONLY. To see these entries and begin to enjoy the music, please join.

2) No hotlinking is allowed, ESPECIALLY if a user chooses to upload music on their own server.

3) COMMENT! It only takes seconds, and users spend a lot of time uploading music for you. It's common courtesy, please don't be a leech.

4) GO SHOPPING Since these artists are producing such kick ass music, please support them!

5) REQUESTING IS ALLOWED, BUT YOU MUST UPLOAD MUSIC ALONG WITH YOUR REQUEST. Also, please make sure you are checking the community's recent entries page and the tags to check that what you're looking for has not already been uploaded.

6) POSTS ARE MODERATED. To avoid flooding, posts are moderated. As long as they follow the rules, posts will be let through.

7) TAG YOUR ENTRIES. We'd like entries to be tagged; however, we want to keep the tags clean by only tagging entries that contain media uploaded on servers that keep the links active. Servers like YOUSENDIT expire extremely quickly, so don't tag entries with YSI links, but rather posts with MegaUpload links.

8) RESPECT EACH OTHER. Flaming/rudeness/stupidity will not be tolerated. If you don't like a band someone is interested in, cry us a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Everyone has different tastes, all of which should be respected! If you have a problem with someone, please bring it to us.



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